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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I need to cancel?

A: Life happens and we get it. If the cancellation occurs prior to commuting to the location, there is no charge. However, if the cancellation occurs anytime after that, a fee will be charged to the invoice.

Q: When will I pay for the media?

A: You can pay during checkout for online orders or you can pay when the files are delivered via delivery confirmation email.      


Q: Will the photographer stage or move items?

A: Basic adjustments like straightening window blinds, lamps, pillows, etc will be done during the shoot. Most other items need to be moved and ready prior to the arrival of the photographer.  


Q: Can the homeowner be present?

A: To streamline the photo session, it is encouraged for the homeowner to not be present during the shoot. Homeowners being present typically delay the photography process.


Q: Can you photoshop to remove items, make the grass green, or make other adjustments to the images?

A: Basic/simple items can be removed free of charge. However, larger more complex items can be removed at an additional fee.

Q: Do I own the copyrights to the media?

A: When you purchase a real estate imaging service, you are purchasing the right to use media for the duration of the listing. Any media usage beyond the marketing for the listing should be licensed accordingly. Contact us for more details. 

Q: What is a Virtual Twilight?

A: Virtual twilight is when image specialists use exterior photographs that are taken during daylight and then digitally alter them to reflect the warm indoor lights and cool outdoor hues of a home's exterior at dusk.

Q: How do I reschedule an appointment?
A: Rescheduling can be done via text, email, or phone call. 
Note: Same Day Cancellations will incur a $100 cancelation fee 

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