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Who are Virtual Tours REALLY benefiting?

Who are Virtual Tours REALLY benefiting? Well...everyone. Let’s break it down.

Benefits to the Real Estate Agent:

We know you’re busy and that time management is a huge component to making your

business work. You don’t want to go around town bringing your buyer to every house “they

think they like” when you can be spending that time on your new leads. Giving them the

VIRTUAL tour first is your safest bet that you’ll only be showing homes they’re serious about.

Your client gets to navigate the property from every angle - it’s almost pre-qualifying them


Benefits for the Home Buyer:

Let’s look at some 2020 statistics from NAR - where are buyers finding homes they


● Internet: 52%

● Real estate agent: 29%

● Yard sign/open house sign: 6%

● Friend, relative, or neighbor: 5%

● Home builder or their agent: 6%

● Directly from sellers/Knew the sellers: 2%

● Print newspaper advertisement: 1%

A considerable number of these individuals are first-time home buyers, which means they

are young, always busy, and barely have time to view a property in person. They are modern

buyers, so taking advantage of high-quality technology is going to keep them interested.

That way they don’t have to schedule time off work or get a sitter for the weekends to check

it out unless they’re serious.

Benefits for the Home Seller:

You don’t have to leave the house for EVERY curious buyer who wants to see the place.

They can look at the extensive marketing that has been provided so you can have comfort

knowing the showings are bringing serious buyers only.

Want to be the rockstar for everyone involved? Let us know if you would like this service

included in your next package.

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