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How will you be providing value next year?

New year, new homes to sell, new expectations from clients. That’s right! Every year we

advance in technology and on social media where you can find dozens of Realtors

showcasing their expertise. The industry is expected to keep advancing to keep their clients

happy and listings looking their best. We know it can be stressful to keep up and still provide

great service. That’s why we’re dedicated to learning the latest technology and offer it to our

clients to make their listing stand out and provide an edge against your competitors.

We’ve got you covered!

Our full service package can keep your sellers engaged and worry free, knowing that you

have the state of the art software and equipment with a professional

photography/videographer behind you.

These services include:

High quality, crisp images with no clutter in the best possible lighting.

Captivating HD videos that will enhance any marketing plan.

Aerial photography that will elevate your sellers’ experience.

iGuide virtual tours for an immersive participation view.

Floor plans which allow buyers see the layout of the home.

Virtual Staging for vacant listings to paint the picture of the lifestyle for future buyers.

Have you decided what you’re going to add to your package this year? Let us know if you

can’t decide and we’ll recommend the best plan for you!

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