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Happy Holidays from Steady Focus Media!

Happy Holidays! Between the Winter Solstice, Christmas, and New Year’s, there is certainly

enough to celebrate. We are going to be entering another year of business and couldn't be

more proud of how far we’ve come in terms of what we can offer our agents.

We are so thankful for the phenomenal clients we have that choose us over and over again

to shoot their residential and commercial real estate listings. We have seen some stunning

neighborhoods, been captivated by sellers’ kitchens and backyards, and said so many times

“I want one like this.”

The truth is, being a real estate photographer makes it tough to decide on just one style you

like...there are too many beautiful home styles to choose from.

Thank you for inspiring us!

We hope to continue to be a part of your real estate journey in 2023, creating beautiful

images for you and your clients.

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